Does NDA Really Work if You Sign it With Offshore Company?

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

  1. Fill in a contact form with general information about your project.
  2. General means nothing specific about your idea, but only facts that are common for every project in this industry. Something, from where we can start our research and save time for communication:
  • Your industry.
  • Techs you’re interested in.
  • Development platform (Web or Mobile).
  • Availability of source materials (specs, designs, research).
Note: Non-disclosure agreements can be signed by multiple parties (including investors as a third-party) and at any given time. But it is wise to sign a confidentiality agreement BEFORE you reveal the details of your future project.
  • A written agreement to not disclose information.
  • Protect patent rights or intellectual property rights.
  • Specifically, the information parties want to secure.
  • A reservation that sets which info doesn’t fall under NDA.
  • The duration NDA stays valid (typically 2, 3, or 5 years).
  • Remedies for a breach of contract.
  • A governing law under which jurisdiction issues will be resolved.
Note: Some countries like India requires an NDA to be stamped in order to be valid. In other countries, NDA can be just signed by a CEO in order to become a valid enforceable document.
  • Business idea protection.
  • Non-disclosure of source code.
  • Protection against copyright infringement.
  • Protection of trade secrets and any other intellectual property listed in NDA.
  • Client Information protection for those cases when you’re upgrading a platform, where your client’s database is stored.
  • Transfer of rights. Say you’re representing a digital agency that subcontracts software development part and you’re not willing to inform the client about this fact.

Consequences of Breaking an NDA

Legal Penalties in the U.S.

  • A fine.
  • Jail time
  • Contract termination.
  • Loss of future job prospects.
  • Restitution of the value of the stolen information.

Bottom Line

Having a Business Idea on Your Mind?

Contact Us, We’ll Sign an NDA and Get to Work!



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