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December is the most festive month of the year. So before you fully immerse into the holiday atmosphere, we’d like to share with you some hot topics related to business and software development. In our articles you will find interesting research results, useful tips and insights that can help you optimize your business.


What is the Internet of Behavior And Why is it Important for Business?

Smart technologies become more and more popular, and the Internet of Behavior is not an exception. Healthcare industry, governmental and commercial organizations are already taking advantage of IoB. Discover what makes it so valuable and how it helps businesses to increase income and regulars loyalty.



Web Development Security Checklist

When you are building a web project for your company, it is crucial to make sure that your solution is well protected. Cyber attacks happen too often and there is no need to endanger your data and web app. Check out the cybersecurity checklist prepared by our professionals to ensure your data safety.



Digital Learning Era: Home Classroom Ideas

This year not only businesses had to organize remote work, but also schools and universities transferred to home learning. But how to make home learning really effective? Our experts know the answer and are ready to share with you some tips and great digital classroom ideas. Check out how to organize e-learning.


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