Top Trending Programming Languages of 2018

  • Go aka Golang — Created by Google in 2009 Go is being continuously discussed in the community in 2016. It is simple, easy to learn and focused on concise and standardized notation. Go is expected to become a new trend in the upcoming year, after all it was made by Google.
  • Rust — is the second highly beloved language among programmers. Rust was launched by Mozilla Firefox in 2014 and by now it’s still on top of the most adored languages for software development.
  • Swift — A “mobile” companion for Apple’s Objective-C language. It is vastly used in iOS app development for programming along with Cocoa frameworks. Therefore Swift will stay in trend as long as Apple does.
  • Scala — Scala is an object-oriented language with a great number of features from functional programming languages that allowed Scala to become the most popular JVM scripting language.
  • Clojure — Despite the fact that it is a dialect of general-purpose Lisp language Clojure boasts the incline to functional programming. It integrates with Java and is interoperable with the .NET ecosystem.
  • Hack — It is another child of a big IT-company. 90% of Facebook’ code is on Hack. While it is a dialect of PHP, Hack may become a second wind for a PHP.
  • Perl — While Perl is relatively old language, previously known as “the duct tape of the web”. Nevertheless, its versatility makes Perl a “dark horse”of programming that may become a new trend in scripting for CGI, graphic programming or administration.

Why so — you may ask?



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